Gina Smith

Why tech vendors fund patent 'trolls'

Some of the largest names in the tech industry are funding patent 'trolls,' for protection from lawsuits and for access to the patent pool

Answer key: The InfoWorld tech celebrity quiz

The facts behind our test of tech-fame trivia

InfoWorld tech celebrity quiz

Match your tech-fame wits against our dirt-filled industry-insider quiz

Our InfoWorld.Com video: This Week with Gina Smith.

Okay, so I haven't gotten my video on the blog yet, but you can find it right here, on Infoworld.Com's front page beginning Friday night and all week long.I'll be hunting down D5 (formerly known as D4)news all week long.

Say hello!

Just a quick note to say hello to all you IW readers out there. I've been blogging at for a few years now, but now is giving me a blog to go with The Week Ahead feature.I'll be posting scripts,...

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