Gerben Wierda

Gerben Wierda is currently Team Coordinator Architecture & Design at APG. APG manages around €425 billion in pension assets for approximately 5 million participants in various pension schemes. APG also includes a separate insurance company (Loyalis) and an nimble small-pension-fund administration company (InAdmin).

Gerben has been, amongst other things, Lead Architect of the Judiciary in The Netherlands and Lead Architect of APG Asset Management. Gerben holds an M.Sc in Physics from the University of Groningen and an MBA from RSM Erasmus, Rotterdam.

Gerben Wierda is a author of Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture and Mastering ArchiMate (and the accompanying blogs) and is a guest columnist for the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal with the column On Slippery Ice.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Gerben Wierda and do not necessarily represent those of current or past employers, IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

Something is (still) rotten in the kingdom of artificial intelligence

‘Panta rhei’: How more ‘agile’ can make you less agile

‘Panta rhei’: How more ‘agile’ can make you less agile

It seems to many that agile is seen as a free pass for unlimited change. This is an illusion. Working agile can in fact decrease your agility

The clash of big data and the cloud

The clash of big data and the cloud

Making good strategic design decisions about the locations of your data and processing is key

The worst enterprise architecture anti-pattern of them all

The worst enterprise architecture anti-pattern of them all

Architecture is not a very effective discipline. There are many reasons this is the case, but one is key: the way organisations generally try to govern their organisation-as-a-whole architectural goals. This happens in ways that lead...

Nonsense non-functional requirements

The NFR concept is deeply flawed: What's counted as an NFR is not, and what is an NFR is ignored

John A. Zachman: Agile at 82

John Zachman is known as the father of enterprise architecture. These days, the agile crowd might disavow him and his 'framework', but it seems John's message is rather misunderstood.

The IT janitor

Business IT landscapes are full with technological debt. Why do we keep ignoring the crud that has accumulated?

A tale of application rationalization (not)

Application rationalisation is a popular idea in enterprises. It promises architectural simplification of the IT-landscape. But often rationalisation is an illusion as enterprise-specific functionality has to be recreated in the new...

Architecture principles considered harmful

Architecture principles are a very popular tool in the enterprise architect's tool box. The underlying concept of 'comply or explain', however, makes them particularly toxic.

Data center myopia creates cloud illusions

What is the Cloud other than 'other people's data centers'? What happens if you move IT-support for your business to the cloud? It disappears from your data center and that makes it seem as a reduction of complexity. But it also moves...

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