George V. Hulme

For more than 20 years George V. Hulme has written about business, technology, and cybersecurity topics. He currently focuses on cybersecurity and digital innovation. Previously he was senior editor at InformationWeek, and has freelanced for many trade and general interest publications.

Survey says enterprises are stepping up their security game

Developers find themselves in hackers' crosshairs

Developers find themselves in hackers' crosshairs

Here's what enterprises need to do in order to protect their development environments from attack

Six failings common to entry-level cyber security job seekers

Six failings common to entry-level cyber security job seekers

Here's how many cyber security entry-level job seekers fail to make a great first impression

Data breaches rise as cyber criminals continue to outwit IT

Data breaches rise as cyber criminals continue to outwit IT

Security breaches rise again this year, costing an average of $415,000, as security pros fail to keep pace with cyber crime innovation

7 essentials for defending against DDoS attacks

With hackers who pull off take downs getting stealthier and more vicious, security leaders across all industries need to be prepared

Fatal half-measures doom corporate security plans

It's not a matter of if, but when, you are breached. So how do you respond?

The race toward compliance is 'not optimal'

More security managers find themselves running compliance programs rather than performing security and risk management

Cloud security, big data, and mobile to dominate RSA conference

Big data will be a big theme at the security conference, as it offers an opportunity for IT to improve the security of users and applications

Security lab: Something fishy about Google Chrome's Safe Browsing API

NSS Labs says there may be a privacy concern about Google's use of end user IP addresses as part of its Safe Browsing API

Goal of new security service: More involvement from ISPs, carriers

New security analytics service purports to arm service providers with the information they need to keep their network traffic clean

Smarter hypervisor use can lead to a 'big, big change' in security

Interview: Former Citrix CTO Simon Crosby talks about where cloud-based security and virtualization stand in 2012

Security technology or staffing gap: Which is the greater enterprise challenge?

Two recent surveys indicate that the answer may be both

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