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Fred O'Connor writes about wearables, Apple, IT careers, health IT and general technology news for the IDG News Service.

Twitter speaks up for FCC Net neutrality plan

Keeping the Internet open promotes free speech and helps the U.S. economy, Twitter said

Apple bumps approved size for iOS apps, lets them eat twice the memory

People with lower-end iOS devices may see their memory gobbled up quickly

US government forming cyber security agency to combat online threats

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center will share threat data among federal agencies

Apple's iOS edges Android in Q4, takes top smartphone OS spot in the US

Apple also chipped away at Android's international smartphone OS market share

Yahoo gains U.S. search share at Google's expense

Mozilla's decision to use Yahoo as the default search tool in Firefox is paying off for the Internet company

Flying high, Apple readies Watch to ship in April

The only bleak spot in Apple's earnings was iPad sales, which are being 'cannibalized' by other products, Tim Cook said

Rackspace DNS recovers after DDoS brings system down

Some users felt customer serivce was lacking and called for more detailed and frequent updates about the outage

Microsoft throws open doors to Sway beta

Large response to the new Web-based publishing tool led Microsoft to expand its test program

Google wants Windows server applications to run on its cloud

Customers can run Windows Server applications on Google's cloud without paying a licensing fee

Microsoft delivers the talking Dynamics CRM update

The CRM software uses Cortana to process voice commands to search for contacts, set up meetings, create records, and more

Oracle licensing practices lead to mistrust among customers, says survey

The group behind the survey says it is advocating for manageable licensing terms and isn't against Oracle

For big raises in IT, look to mobile, security, big data

More women will enter the technology workforce in the coming years as they use IT jobs to land business positions, a report said

Texas, Florida, North Carolina lead IT job growth in first half of 2014

Study finds that IT employees realize their skills are in demand and are seeking bigger salaries from potential employers

Career advice for recent college graduates looking to advance in IT

Learning doesn't stop after graduation and becomes critical to keeping IT skills fresh and staying employable

For entry-level tech jobs, hiring managers care about passion for IT more than a diploma

College graduates don't need to be employed to become involved with the tech industry

Linux Foundation to offer Linux development on edX MOOC

The online learning platform is now including material from the foundation's introduction to Linux class

Hiring managers advise job seekers to contribute to open-source projects

Open source participation is seen to demonstrate coding skills, collaboration abilities, and technology interests far beyond what's outlined in a resume.

Hot IT job skills in 2014: Mobile, Web development, and big data

Companies are also looking for workers with more traditional skills for security and quality assurance jobs

With worker retirements looming, IT starts to prepare for a workforce exodus

IT workers who want to work part time may see an uptick in lucrative part-time consulting positions

With revenue at stake, companies seek business-savvy tech workers

IT workers increasingly need to have business acumen, in addition to staying up to date with tech skills, as companies watch the bottom line

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