Frank J. Ohlhorst

Technology Journalist and IT Industry Analyst

Frank J. Ohlhorst is an award-winning technology journalist and IT industry analyst, with extensive experience as a business consultant, editor, author, and blogger.

How to use Hadoop to overcome storage limitations

The Hadoop platform can provide answers to the storage and access problems caused by big data

Egnyte's hybrid cloud storage: Twin file shares are better than one

Egnyte's new virtual appliance fuses local network storage with remote cloud storage for fast, easy, and ubiquitous file sharing

Eight great virtual appliances for VMware, free for the downloading

The combination of free open source and virtual machines is hard to beat; here are some of the handiest virtual appliances

The unvarnished truth about VDI desktop virtualization

Bringing desktops under IT control can be a smart strategy, but hands-on experience shows that making it happen is not exactly easy

AMD, Intel budget chipsets go head to head

For years, Intel and AMD have been battling for predominance in the processor/chipset market. AMD's latest plan seems to be to push back on economic grounds -- to offer high-value budget chipsets targeted at the soon-to-be-released...

How to choose the perfect notebook for Windows 7

Balancing a notebook's features against portability against price can get tricky; these quick tips can help you avoid buyer's remorse

How to build an inexpensive, high-performance PC for Windows 7

The time is right to start putting together a system that will make Windows 7 shine -- without breaking the bank

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