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Esther Shein is a journalist with extensive experience writing and editing for both print and the web with a focus on business and technology as well as education and general interest features.

Expert tips for managing your cloud data

Cloud, virtualization take toll on data centers

Cloud, virtualization take toll on data centers

More and more businesses are opting out of the data-center game, choosing instead to go with cloud or colocation. Find out why outsourcing may or may not be right for your organization, along with advice on how best to manage the...

Modernizing enterprise apps for the mobile world

Modernizing enterprise apps for the mobile world

Today's workers expect to be able to use their mobile devices to do their jobs, and companies are obliging, offering extensions to enterprise applications with interfaces that adapt to smaller screen sizes, thanks to responsive design...

Adaptive learning creates more effective training

Long espoused in educational circles, intelligent software that tailors training to the individual learner is catching on in corporations

Translating enterprise apps to mobile: Three companies' journeys

Firms are discovering what works -- and what doesn't

Data center fabrics catching on, slowly

Early adopters say the expense and time spent to revamp a data center's switching gear are well worth it; benefits include killer bandwidth and more flexibility

How to bulletproof your website

Test, don't assume anything -- and then test again

VoIP goes corporate -- and saves users plenty

Enterprises should move forward with IP technology and unify communications with business processes to see costs go down, researchers say

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