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Visual Studio Code 1.74 boosts remote development

November 2022 release of the code editor previews a remote tunneling capability that allows developers to securely connect to their VS Code machine from any device anywhere.

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Airtable becomes latest company to announce layoffs, cutting 20% of its workforce

In an email sent to employees, the low-code platform’s CEO said the cuts were a result of “taking a hard look at our efforts in the current market environment.”

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GitHub Copilot for Business plans unveiled

GitHub’s AI-based coding assistant is now available for businesses at a monthly cost of $19 per user.


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Who is invited to your cloud strategy party?

Small inner circles that control overall cloud strategies and deployment decisions are on the rise, even though it isn't in the best interest of the business or IT.

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JDK 20: The new features in Java 20

The next version of standard Java will incubate scoped values, an API that enables sharing immutable data within and across large numbers of threads.

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Intro to Alpine.js: A JavaScript framework for minimalists

Alpine.js is a front-end JavaScript framework fashioned like a lightweight backpack, with a minimalist API and thoughtful features. Let's give it a try.

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How to use BufferedStream and MemoryStream in C#

Take advantage of the stream classes in .NET 7 for faster reads and writes of the data in your .NET applications.

Python notebook analytics

Why Python is catching on with business analysts

Business analysts are running into the limits of BI tools and looking for ways to do more advanced analytics. Python is the way forward.

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GitHub bolsters NPM access control

New granular access tokens allow NPM package maintainers to restrict which packages, scopes, and organizations a token has access to.

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Azure Kubernetes doubles down on WebAssembly

WebAssembly is ideal for cloud-native apps. A shift from Krustlets to runwasi should simplify managing Wasm nodes in Azure Kubernetes Service.


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Google's Vertex AI Vision brings no-code to computer vision

Vertex AI Vision combines video sources, machine learning models, and data warehouses to deliver rich insights and computer vision

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14 hot language projects riding WebAssembly

From blazing-fast web apps to Python data science in the browser, these programming language and compiler projects offer different twists on the promise of WebAssembly.

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C++ overtakes Java in language popularity index

Java ranked fourth in the December 2022 Tiobe index of programming language popularity, the lowest Java has ranked in the history of the index.

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Complexity is the enemy of cloud security

Cloud security and IT security in general often overlook complexity. It’s not taught in security courses, and most experts don’t consider it in risk analytics.

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10 common PostgreSQL mistakes and how to avoid them

PostgreSQL was built to handle a wide range of use cases, but flexibility also has a flip side. Make sure you’re not making these all-too-common design, configuration, tuning, and other mistakes.