Elizabeth Montalbano

Microsoft tests Windows 7-based embedded OS

The company released a preview of the Windows Embedded Standard 2011 OS for device makers

Microsoft misses target date for Office Web Apps preview

The applications were due to be available for testing by the end of August, but that won't happen

Analysts: Windows 7 could spur enterprise PC sales

A report will outline how the OS fixes problems businesses had with Vista

Forrester: Social networking grows up

Companies can now refocus ad campaigns that use social networks toward an older group of users, a study says

Red Hat expands partner program to juice reseller business

The company has added a new partner designation and new benefits to encourage partners to join the program

Microsoft: Outlook will replace Entourage in Office for Mac

The company also will offer a new business edition of Office 2008 for Mac starting Sept. 15

Microsoft, Nokia team to put Office apps on mobile phones

Deal should give Microsoft leverage against Google and others that are attacking its Office business with free or low-priced, Web-based productivity apps

Microsoft, Nokia may strike apps alliance Wednesday

The deal is likely to involve delivery of Office applications to Nokia mobile devices, an analyst said

Opera, Chrome not officially supported by Office Web Apps

Microsoft's Web-based productivity applications will run most reliably on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari

Microsoft to charge Office Live customers domain-renewal fee

The company has changed its policy for small-business users that signed up to the hosted service before last February

Facebook confirms DoS attack same day as Twitter

The social-networking site said it had the situation under control by late morning on the U.S. West Coast

Update: Twitter taken down by denial-of-service attack

Micro-blogging and social networking site was unavailable Thursday as Twitter defended itself against a DoS attack

Microsoft acknowledges Linux threat to Windows client

For the first time, Microsoft lists Red Hat and Canonical as competitors to Windows on PCs in an SEC filing

Microsoft details how to port iPhone apps to Windows Mobile

The company is preparing for the launch of its online mobile store in a few months to compete with Apple

Microsoft details how to upgrade between Windows 7 SKUs

Windows Anytime Upgrade lets people move from one version of Windows 7 to another without paying full price for the OS

Ballmer surprised by market's reaction to Microsoft-Yahoo

The Microsoft CEO says observers don't understand the value of the deal for both companies

Bing was tipping point in the Microsoft-Yahoo deal

Microsoft's re-release of its search engine proved it is committed to search and inspired Yahoo to join forces

Microsoft and Yahoo sign search deal, take on Google

Microsoft's Bing will power Yahoo search, while Yahoo will sell search advertising services for both companies

Microsoft: GPL Linux code release not due to violation

Microsoft executive Sam Ramji denies there was any obligation to release Hyper-V Linux drivers under the license

Microsoft violated GPL before Linux code release

Vyatta's Stephen Hemminger claims that Hyper-V Linux drivers had to be released for compliance with the open-source license

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