Elizabeth Montalbano

Does Microsoft complicate its licensing on purpose?

Recent comments from the company's CEO suggest the company has little interest in simplifying its software licensing any time soon

Windows Marketplace for Mobile debuts with 246 applications

Microsoft's mobile apps online store launches with a small number of apps in comparison to the tens of thousands available on Apple's App Store

Will Windows 7 really be worth the investment?

A slightly humbled Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer acknowledged the tough economic environment but pushed the idea that Windows 7 can help businesses save money

Microsoft aims to spark new business for Web developers

WebsiteSpark program will provide free software and support for qualifying Web development companies

Why Microsoft isn't afraid of Google or cloud computing

The company's Business Division president Stephen Elop discusses Office 2010, hosted apps, and the link between them

Update: Adobe to buy Omniture for $1.8 billion

The deal will inject Omniture's Web analytics technology into Adobe's content creation tools

Microsoft to biz: Start Windows 7 migrations now

The company promises a much smoother transition than the one to Windows Vista

Court overturns Microsoft's $358 million payment to Alcatel

Appeals court upheld that Microsoft infringed on patent but said there is not enough evidence for damages

Update: Microsoft enterprise licensing deals still tough to come by

Analysts say Microsoft has little incentive to make it easier for customers to figure out the most cost-effective licensing arrangements

Update: Microsoft rivals defend Linux with patent purchases

The Open Invention Network, whose members include IBM and Red Hat, will purchase 22 patents formerly held by Microsoft

Microsoft to add 'Ping' to Bing to share search results

New feature would allow people to post search results from Bing directly on social networks Facebook and Twitter

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