Dr. Xinyu Liu

Platform Engineer Manager

With extensive design and development experience on both online and offline systems, Xinyu Liu is dedicated to delivering cost-efficient, high-performance, and scalable server-side solutions. He took his graduate degree from George Washington University and currently is a platform engineer manager at Glu Mobile an industry-leading mobile gaming company. Dr. Liu has written about enterprise development for Java.net, JavaWorld, IBM developerWorks, and Developer.com, covering topics such as Java EE, NoSQL, rules engines, and big data. He has also been a technical reviewer of enterprise and web development topics for Packt Publishing.

Machine Learning in Java is Speeding Image Processing
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Machine Learning in Java is Speeding Image Processing

Lightning fast NoSQL with Spring Data Redis

Lightning fast NoSQL with Spring Data Redis

Redis isn't your typical NoSQL data store, and that's exactly why it hits the sweet spot for certain use cases. Get started using Spring Data Redis as a remote cache server to store and query volatile data

Asynchronous processing support in Servlet 3.0

The revolution didn't stop with Ajax, and the incoming Servlet 3.0 specification will prove it. Find out why Servlet 3.0's support for asynchronous processing is the next big leap forward for developing collaborative, multi-user...

Spring Web Flow 2: A boon to JSF developers

Spring Web Flow 2 seems tailored to the needs of JSF developers, and it smoothes out Spring MVC on the front end. Dr. Xinyu Liu explains how new support for Ajax, validation, persistence, and security facilitates the development of...

Introduction to Hibernate Search

Get started with Hibernate Search and its universal API, which bring the power of Lucene full-text searching to the Hibernate ORM framework.

From Java EE security to Acegi

Application security as an enterprise-level concern needs to be carefully addressed by developers. This article compares the security services defined in Java EE and Acegi to help developers select the appropriate security services...

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