Dennis Mitzner

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As a technology journalist based in Tel Aviv, I cover a wide range of topics, from tech trends to emerging industries. My work has been published in TechCrunch, The Next Web, InformationWeek, Venture Beat, Geektime,, Yahoo, Jerusalem Post, Fast Company and many other sites.

I was the founding editor of, a news site about 3D printing. Within six months the site became a go-to source for news about a fast-growing industry and through user generated content, we were able to make establish ourselves as a trusted source for all things 3D printing.

Since Israel is fertile ground for both industries I have had the chance to witness the emergence of some of the most innovative technology. Local tech is obsessed with finding solutions that either disrupt stagnating traditions or seek a way to make things work better, whether at home or the office.

For these reasons I've taken upon myself - as a technology journalist - to observe the industry closely in order to provide global audiences a glimpse into developments in IoT, analytics and BI - the three fields that form the center of Israel's tech industry.

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