Denise Dubie

Denise Dubie is the director of content at PureB2B. Previously she was a journalist at Network World and a content marketer at CA Technologies

Cisco, Microsoft certifications increase high-tech salaries

PMP credentials also boost salaries and employment opportunities, IT job site finds

Small businesses want Windows 7 now

After Windows 7 was officially released many small businesses moved up their timetable to adopt the OS

More IT projects green-lighted amid signs of recovery, survey shows

Many projects had been deferred from 2009 due to the slumping economy

Shut-down security Web site revived after Microsoft recants

Whistleblower site returns after copyright infringement complaint concerning Microsoft surveillance document is voided

CA continues cloud computing buying spree

Acquisition of 3Tera provides CA with tools to offer customers a smoother transition to private and public cloud computing

IT departments may have cut staff levels too deeply

Many high-tech execs are worried about how they can tackle the coming year's challenges with lean staffs comprised of over-worked IT professionals

HP products enable hybrid cloud computing

Hewlett-Packard updates Operations Orchestration to let enterprises using both internal and external clouds better allocate resources

Will IT pros walk out the door en masse?

CIOs fear that once the recession ends, all that pent-up frustration will lead to huge losses of desirable workers

Survey: High-tech hardware spending returns, but not IT jobs

Majority of IT executives plan to invest in hardware in next six months, but do not anticipate adding staff, according to survey

Tech industry loses 115,000 jobs

U.S. high-tech industry experienced a 2 percent net job loss between January and June 2009, compared to 5 percent for the country overall

Open source management community launches is a neutral ground for developers and users of open source network and systems management and monitoring applications to share their tools, experiences, and plans

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