David Taieb

David Taieb is a Distinguished Engineer with the Watson Data Platform Developer Advocacy team at IBM, where he leads a team of avid technologists with the mission of educating developers on the art of possible with cloud technologies. He’s passionate about building open source tools, such as the PixieDust Python library for the Jupyter Notebook and Apache Spark, that help improve developer’s productivity and overall experience.

Previously, David was the lead architect for the Watson Core UI and Tooling team based in Littleton, Massachusetts, where he led the design and development of a Unified Tooling Platform to support all the Watson Tools, including accuracy analysis, test experiments, corpus ingestion, and training data generation. Before that, he was the lead architect for the Domino Server OSGi team responsible for integrating the eXpeditor J2EE Web Container in Domino and building first-class APIs for the developer community.

David started with IBM in 1996, working on various globalization technologies and products including Domino Global Workbench and a multilingual content management system for the Websphere Application Server. David enjoys sharing his experience by speaking at conferences and meeting as many people as possible. You’ll find him at various events like the Strata Data Conference, Velocity and IBM Interconnect.

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