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David Strom writes and speaks about security, networking and communications topics for CSO Online, Network World, Computerworld, and other publications. He can be reached through his web site, or on Twitter @dstrom.

Review: 8 secure browser alternatives to Chrome, IE, and Firefox

Spikes AirGap and Invincea FreeSpace shine in test of eight specialized browsers

Hackathon gold: How to win a job offer in a coding competition

Cash prizes are nice, but hackathons can also serve as auditions for employment

Review: 4 VM security tools go under the microscope

Catbird, Hytrust, TrendMicro, and Dome9 all offer interesting approaches, but no one product does it all

Review: Best tools for mobile device management

If choosing between AirWatch, Apperian, BES 10, Divide, Fixmo, and Good Technology, your best fit depends on specific use cases

Shoot-out results: Best security tools for small business

Check Point comes out on top; Kerio, Watchguard, Elitecore, and Sophos score high in review of unified threat management devices

Review: Two-factor authentication starts with smartphones

SecureAuth IdP wins test of 8 software-based authentication systems that deliver enterprise-level security

How to tell if Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are paying off for you

Expion wins our test of eight enterprise-grade social media monitoring tools

Single sign-on moves to the cloud

Okta and OneLogin score high in test of eight SSO solutions that cut help desk calls and boost password security

Web-based conferencing comes of age

Adobe Connect and Cisco Webex tie for first in 8-vendor test

10 top iPhone apps for IT pros

Here are 10 useful apps that can improve your IT operations

Review: 3 e-mail encryption packages help businesses stay secure

We look at 3 products which will safeguard your e-mail while being both easy to use and easy to afford.

Making sense of Microsoft's Azure

What app developers and enterprises need to know before signing up for Microsoft's cloud platform

IT manager candidates seem a lot like presidents

With the U.S. elections upon us, I realized how much our current presidential choices look like just the kind of IT folks who have a shot at being CTO or CIO. Weird? You betcha.

Apple ships sub-$500 computer!

That's what the iPhone is, after all. And as it turns out, the iPhone isn't a bad laptop replacement, especially when you travel

Four ways to cut datacenter costs

Stop worrying about the economy and focus on ways to keep operating expenses in check

When in doubt, consider the customer

Getting customers is one thing; retaining them is another. Now is a great time to rethink your customer service strategy

The value of counterintuitive advice

Don't let the mess on Wall Street spook you. Refuse to follow the herd and new opportunities will pop up where you least expect them

The three business tech risks you don't know about

Recent federal policies related to privacy and terrorism may force changes in your tech strategy

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