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Core Java Tech Tips co-author John Zukowski has been playing with Java for well over 12 years now, having abandoned his C and X-Windows mindset long ago. With 10 books out on topics from Swing to collections to Java SE 6, John does strategic technology consulting through his business, JZ Ventures, Inc.

Closing a URLClassLoader

By Michael McMahon Complex Java programs, such as application servers, sometimes create their own class loaders using the URLClassLoader type. With URLClassLoader, applications can load classes and resources from a search path of...

Making Progress With Swing's Progress Monitoring API

by Jennie Hall Updated Jan. 23, 2009 In this tip, you'll learn how to use Swing's progress indicator support to monitor and report on the progress of long-running operations. It is a good practice to keep users informed as they...

Exchanging Data With XML and JAXB, Part 2

by Jennie Hall In Exchanging Data With XML and JAXB, Part 1 , we saw how the Java Architecture for XML Binding ( JAXB ) expedites the exchange of data between systems. With JAXB 2.0's annotation support, generating XML data for a...

Exchanging Data with XML and JAXB, Part 1

by Jennie Hall In this tip, you'll learn how to to use the Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) in Java SE 6 to exchange XML data between systems without having to delve into the specifics of XML processing. Among other key...

Where's the State?

from Tim Boudreau's Blog Where's the state? This is a small but useful question when deciding how a problem domain gets carved up into objects: What things have state? What things have values that can change? When and how can they...

Distributing a Java Web Start Application via CD-ROM

by Luan O'Carroll

Launch Java Applications from Assembly Language Programs

by Biswajit Sarkar

Add Logging at Class Load Time with Java Instrumentation

by Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen When you're trying to analyze why a program failed, a very valuable piece of information is what the program was actually doing when it failed. In many cases, this can be determined with a stack trace, but...

Source Code Analysis Using Java 6 APIs

by Seema Richard , Deepa Sobhana

Nimbus Look and Feel in Java SE 6 Update 10 Beta

By Ethan Nicholas When the venerable Metal look and feel for Swing first debuted, its main aesthetic competition was the Windows 95 interface . Given the state of graphical user interfaces a decade ago, Metal was an attractive and...

JSlider Appearance Improvements

by John Zukowsi

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