Cara Garretson

Recycling IT assets is serious business

Getting rid of old tech equipment now takes as much forethought as purchasing it in the first place did

Stupid data center tricks

Forget cyber attacks, natural disasters, and hardware failures -- the biggest threat to your data center may be human error

Big IT shops get serious about asset disposal

If you're retiring old hardware, you would do well to investigate all your disposal options

12 spam research projects that might make a difference

Research labs are developing new ways to thwart the latest tricks from spammers, phishers, and other cybercriminals

Spammers beg for money in pre-holiday blast

New holiday spam campaign relies on social engineering, not technical tricks, to ask for money

Phishers move beyond eBay, PayPal

Number of messages pretending to be from eBay or PayPal dropped from 85 percent of all phishing e-mails a year ago to 21 percent in September

10 IT security companies to watch

10 network security newcomers that are worth watching and why

The Simpsons Movie sparks spam blast

Spate of spam messages entices recipients into validating their e-mail addresses -- leading to more spam

The dos and don'ts of data breaches

How security professionals can lessen the impact

Image spam declining, PDF spam set to take its place

New kind of spam uses an attached PDF file to trick recipients into buying stock in a company

Boston-Power's new battery immune to power fade

New lithium-ion battery suffers less fade and can recharge to 80 percent in thirty minutes

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