C.G. Lynch

Why enterprises are moving to Google Apps, Gmail

Businesses are finding they can simplify IT and reduce the number of in-house servers while maintaining key functionality by moving to Google's hosted applications

Six things to expect from Google Chrome extensions

Google has accelerated its efforts to create an ecosystem of add-ons that customize the Chrome browser

Nine Web 2.0 startups beating the odds in down economy

Sartups that got their companies off the ground with initial funds of $50,000 or less tell their stories at the Web 2.0 Summit

Salesforce reveals details on next major CRM upgrade

The biggest upgrade lets two companies that use the Salesforce CRM to share data in their Salesforce accounts

Why SaaS could make your IT skills irrelevant

Rise of cloud computing and software as a service forcing IT professionals to rethink their skill sets and the value they bring to their companies

Firefox 3 add-ons: Must-have tools

Think Firefox already rocks? Customize it for an even better user experience

Enterprise 2.0 apps seen as useful but confusing to business

A recent survey found that 44 percent of businesses see Enterprise 2.0 apps as 'imperative,' but 74 percent find them confusing

Report says enterprise mashups on the rise

New Forrester report predicts the enterprise mashup market will reach $700 million by 2013

Can Google Apps crack large enterprises?

Adoption of Google Apps by the corporate world could be a cultural challenge as much as a technological one

Forrester: IBM, Microsoft to dominate 'information workplace'

New Forrester report envisions a 21st century platform that manages content, messaging, team collaboration, real-time collaboration, and communication among employees

A new day for Macs in the enterprise?

iPhone-loving workers disenchanted with corporate IT might love to ditch their PCs for Macs, but are we really on the cusp of greater enterprise adoption of Apple?

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