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Starburst adds low code and Warp Speed capabilities to Enterprise and Galaxy offerings

The new capabilities include a low-code interface, private preview of data products along with a data catalog, an environment that supports Python, and an indexing and caching solution called Warp Speed.

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Microsoft pledges support in .NET language updates

The company has just updated its strategy for C#, F#, and Visual Basic, committing to performance and stability for all three languages.

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How to get your computer science degree online

A BSCS might be good or even necessary for your career, and you could do it completely online. Look before you leap.


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Mapping the wider fediverse

After overcoming a few obstacles, my set of Steampipe dashboards is starting to feel like the Bloomberg terminal for Mastodon that I envision.

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

How to merge data in R using R merge, dplyr, or data.table

See how to join two data sets by one or more common columns using base R’s merge function, dplyr join functions, and the speedy data.table package.

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Snowflake to acquire LeapYear to boost data clean room abilities

The San Francisco-based startup will bolster Snowflake's ability to offer secure data collaboration among customer enterprises.

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Data is a stumbling block for most multicloud deployments

If multicloud is your preferred architecture, you better have a solid plan for interoperability, security, portability, and centralized management. Do you?

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C++ still shining in language popularity index

The language grew nearly 6% year over year in Tiobe's index and ranks fifth on PYPL's popularity index.

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The role of the database in edge computing

Edge computing is about distributing data storage and processing. A next-gen, edge-ready database is key to keeping data consistent and in sync across the cloud, edge, and client tiers.

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IT career roadmap: Mobile app developer

Looking for an IT job for all seasons? The demand for mobile app developers is steady and growing.


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Where the tech jobs are

The tech industry may be cutting jobs left and right, but every industry needs technologists, from farm equipment and healthcare to retail and financial services.

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Oracle per-employee Java licensing could benefit rivals

Eclipse, Azul, other providers may see increased Java downloads from new Oracle pricing based on total number of employees rather than number of users.

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Why observability in dataops?

Because building reliable data pipelines is hard, and the first step to becoming a data-driven organization is trusting your data.

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The tech leader's guide to 2023

What's ahead for cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, AI-based application development, and extended reality in 2023? Here's a roadmap from some of tech's most forward-thinking leaders.

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Visual Studio Code 1.75 brings configuration profiles

Profiles allow VS Code users to create and share configurations for the UI, extensions, settings, keyboard shortcuts, tasks, and user snippets.