Brad Reed

Multi-device wireless plans on the way

Data consumption for your smartphone and tablet could soon be merged onto one monthly rate based on data consumption, according to Gartner

BlackBerry 10 demo wins praise, but doesn't go far enough

RIM shows off new mobile OS features, but advancements fall short compared to iOS and Android

IT departments should worry about Google Drive

Without certain upgrades, the Google Drive data-syncing cloud storage service is probably not something you want on your network

New Verizon service brings LTE to private IP networks

Verizon Business technology routes traffic at cell tower directly to customers' private IP networks instead of through the public Internet

IBM aiming to provide womb-to-tomb mobile app development support

IBM is trying to replicate in the mobile market the success it's had with WebSphere

Developer interest in Android slowly eroding, survey finds

Key to shoring up developer interest will be unifying Android smartphones and tablets under the same version of Google's mobile operating system

The mobile app developer's dilemma: How to get paid without annoying users

Monetizing mobile apps isn't easy when there's virtually limitless competition

AT&T on iPad tethering: We're working on it

Although AT&T and Verizon both offer comparable plans for the new iPad, there's one feature that AT&T is still lacking: tethering

Despite privacy concerns, Google still dominates search engine realm

Even with the recent controversy over its new privacy policies, Google is the most often used search engine by more than 80 percent of American Internet users

How Passpoint could make Wi-Fi hotspots more like mobile data services

The Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint initiative could open the door for Wi-Fi roaming between carriers

AT&T's app developer billing scheme: Will app makers buy in?

AT&T's idea of charging app makers for bandwidth their users consume risks alienating developers

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