Bill Brenner

Understand mobile security in seven stories or less (a survival guide)

A collection of articles to help you understand the mobile threat and plan your security program accordingly

Your Android's dirty little secret

Experts at ShmooCon 2011 say Android gives third-party applications permissions that are easy to hijack

Business partners a growing security concern

Survey shows business and tech executives worry their own security is threatened because the security of business partners has been shaken by the recession

Security blunders 'dumber than dog snot' leave organizations vulnerable

A security assessor reveals the common blunders and idiotic things people who should know better do daily

Mobile phone security dos and don'ts

Here is a collection of tips from five experts on how to secure smartphones in the enterprise

The security-hole baton passes from Microsoft to Adobe

And Apple increasingly looks like the next major vendor whose products could give hackers a way to wreak havoc

Your BlackBerry's dirty security secrets

Though it's enterprise IT's favorite smartphone, the BlackBerry is more susceptible to spyware and other security risks than you might think

Cybersecurity efforts stalled as Obama eyes Afghanistan

Critics say a perfect storm is brewing and a 'Digital Pearl Harbor' grows more likely

Why the top U.S. cyber official is losing sleep

Melissa Hathaway tells RSA attendees: The nation's digital infrastructure is full of security holes that leave us vulnerable

Social networking dangers exposed

IT administrators dislike such apps as MySpace and Twitter, but cybercrooks depend on them, according to security experts

Debunking the Patch Tuesday hype machine

IT people in the business world have a standard patching procedure, making the need for alarmist Patch Tuesday announcements unnecessary

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