Angel Diaz

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Dr. Angel Diaz is IBM’s VP of Cloud Technology & Architecture. Angel and his team are responsible for the technology, architecture and strategy behind IBM’s Hybrid, open and secure cloud.

When he’s not working to bring greater value to clients through a flexible & interoperable cloud, he’s IBM’s leader for open technology where he is spearheading an industry IT renaissance driven by open source code, community and culture. A master of the art-of-the-possible, Dr. Diaz has been the driving force behind many of the most important Cloud, Data and Mobile open technology industry movements, all focused on enabling innovation that is built on simple, practical solutions.

With a career rooted in IBM Research, building the standards upon which the web runs, and having successfully lead both business & development teams at IBM, Dr. Diaz has a unique perspective on technology’s effect on today’s opportunities.

In those rare moments of stillness, you might find Dr. Diaz vanquishing his foes across Azeroth, or forging amazing new worlds in Minecraft with his daughter.

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