Andy Cotgreave

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Andy Cotgreave helps people see and understand their data. He shares his passion for visual analysis and data technologies through his own projects, his writing, and speaking at industry conferences like SXSW and Visualized. You can find him on Twitter at @acotgreave.

Andy is a visual analytics expert at Tableau. He has been with Tableau in various roles since 2011 ranging from product consultant to product marketing to his current role as Senior Technical Evangelist. Prior to Tableau he was a data analyst at the University of Oxford.

Andy’s role at Tableau gives him the opportunity to work with customers, the media and analysts across all industries to help them understand the trends in visual analytics and develop their own data-discovery skills.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Andy Cotgreave and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

What to expect from data storytelling in 2016

What to expect from data storytelling in 2016

Five years ago, data journalism focused on rich interactives designed primarily for a monitor or laptop screen. Those interactives were complete applications, destinations to be browsed to. The world has changed. We scroll through...

Why do we visualize data?

Why do we visualize data? Do data visualizations aim to inform audiences effectively? Or do they simply aim to catch people’s eye, providing the just gist of the data? This is a question which has been hotly debated by some of the...

Data without emotion doesn't bring about change

If we want to drive change using data, we need to bring in emotions, narratives and the personal.

Fit the chart to the story, not the data

Finding the best chart to show your data is more about the stories contained within the data than it is about the data types. Knowing the guidelines for a data type is one thing, but the best articulation of the data depends on what...

Why I ditched my Fitbit and what this means for analytics

Dashboards that don’t evolve don’t get used. Here are best practices for delivering successful self-service analytics to your employees.

Big data: The 100-year-old buzzword

Visual analytics and data science are hot. As we create more data than ever before, we seek newer, better, faster ways to make sense of it and to know what actions we should take to improve our world. We’re told that this is the age...

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