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The evolution of multitenancy for cloud services

We used to be a lot more interested in the mechanics of multitenancy. What are the exciting evolutions in the technologies that support it?

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Key new features and innovations in EDB Postgres 16

Postgres is the elephant of relational database management systems. And Postgres 16 is the biggest elephant of them all.

A network of connected virtual container blocks.

Virtualenv and venv: Python virtual environments explained

Take advantage of virtual environments in Python to create and manage separate environments for your Python projects.



AWS delivers AWS SDK for Rust

Now available at, the AWS SDK for Rust provides access to some 300 AWS cloud services, each with its own Rust crate.

Four Llamas on the range - LLMs

5 easy ways to run an LLM locally

Deploying a large language model on your own system can be surprisingly simple—if you have the right tools. Here's how to use LLMs like Meta's new Code Llama on your desktop.

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AWS updates its Clean Rooms service with machine learning features

The capabilities, currently in preview, will allow enterprises to run machine learning on shared data while collaborating with partners and maintaining data privacy and security.

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Deno adds Deno Cron for job scheduling

Deno Cron jobs can perform actions such as updating state in Deno KV, pinging a website, sending email, initiating a database backup, and calling an API at regular intervals.

NASA SLS / Space Launch System booster separation [artist concept, updated 2013-09-13]

Building GPT-boosted chatbots with Copilot Studio

Microsoft’s low-code and copilot-driven AI builder makes it easy to train chatbots on internal data, and ‘boost’ them with GPT and external data sources when appropriate.

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Implement authorization for Swagger in ASP.NET Core

Swagger makes it easy to document APIs, and Swashbuckle makes it easy to use Swagger in ASP.NET Core. Here’s how to implement basic authentication and authorization for your Swagger UI.

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AWS updates Bedrock, SageMaker to boost generative AI offerings

The updates include the addition of new foundation models along with vector capabilities for several databases.


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Keras 3.0 deep learning API backs TensorFlow, PyTorch, Jax

Full rewrite of the deep neural network API supports Keras workflows on top of the three leading machine learning frameworks.

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Microsoft ML.NET 3.0 expands deep learning capabilities

Update to the machine learning framework for .NET developers brings new capabilities in object detection, named entity recognition, and question answering.

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Get started with Java's new structured concurrency model

Java has a powerful new concurrency model, and it works with both traditional and virtual threads. Here's a first look at structured concurrency.

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How to use Pandas for data analysis in Python

Pandas makes it easy to quickly load, manipulate, align, merge, and even visualize data tables directly in Python.

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What’s the Go language really good for?

Famous for easy concurrency, Go has become the language of countless cloud-native projects. Here’s everything you should know about Google’s hit programming language.