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Google offers modernization path for PostgreSQL with on-premises AlloyDB Omni

AlloyDB Omni, a self-managed database combining benefits of open-source PostgreSQL and Google Cloud Platform’s architecture, provides a pathway to modernize legacy databases on-premises before moving to the cloud, experts say.

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Working with Azure’s Data API builder

Add REST and GraphQL APIs to any database with a handy .NET CLI tool.

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Regex: Processing patterns in text

Regular expressions are built into many programming languages and used to match, search, and transform patterns of text in your programs. Get started with Regex.


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Java garbage collection revamp would boost performance

Generational Z Garbage Collector would lower garbage collection CPU overhead, lower heap memory overhead, and reduce the risk of allocations stalls, OpenJDK proposal says.

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From ‘cloud washing’ to ‘AI washing’

The marketing games continue. AI is the new spin causing a great deal of confusion in the world of cloud computing.

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From the 10x developer to the 10x team

Building an elite development team starts with abandoning the fantasy of the 10x developer and embracing a more modern approach to developer productivity.

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YugabyteDB Managed adds managed command line interface

The new updates to the managed version of Yugabyte’s open source distributed SQL database include support for AWS PrivateLink, improved observability, and faster scalability.

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GitHub Copilot X will tap ChatGPT-4

Future version of GitHub’s AI-powered programming assistant, now in limited preview, will add a chat interface and extend to pull requests, docs, and the command line.


AWS adds ML-based call analytics capabilities to Amazon Chime SDK

The new updates include tweaks to the AWS Management Console that will allow developers to integrate machine learning-based services into audio applications without the need to write code or require any expertise in cloud...

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AI and the future of software development

Maybe you’re not ready to let AI write your code, but it’s quite useful for testing and analyzing code.


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6 ways to avoid and reduce data debt

Data debt can be just as bad as tech debt, causing security and trust problems if it isn’t addressed throughout the data pipeline.

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9 qualities of a successful CTO

Five CTOs discuss the challenges in their field and the personal and professional qualities that are critical to their success.

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Spin 1.0 aims to simplify WebAssembly microservices

Fermyon Technologies’ Spin, an open source framework for building event-driven microservice applications with WebAssembly, is now available in a stable release.

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3 multicloud myths that need to be crushed

You've probably heard that multicloud avoids lock-in, is more cost-effective, and shouldn't include legacy systems. Sorry to say, but that's all wrong.

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Oracle Helidon taps virtual threads for ‘pure performance’

Version 4.0.0 of Oracle’s Java microservices framework introduces a web server based on virtual threads, which promise both outstanding performance and simpler programming.