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Spin 1.0 aims to simplify WebAssembly microservices

Fermyon Technologies’ Spin, an open source framework for building event-driven microservice applications with WebAssembly, is now available in a stable release.

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3 multicloud myths that need to be crushed

You've probably heard that multicloud avoids lock-in, is more cost-effective, and shouldn't include legacy systems. Sorry to say, but that's all wrong.

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Oracle Helidon taps virtual threads for ‘pure performance’

Version 4.0.0 of Oracle’s Java microservices framework introduces a web server based on virtual threads, which promise both outstanding performance and simpler programming.


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Oracle adds machine learning features to MySQL HeatWave

In addition to updating MySQL HeatWave’s AutoML and Autopilot, Oracle will now offer a small shape for the service, targeting customers with smaller volumes of data.

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How to work with EF Core migrations in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of migrations in EF Core to manage database schema changes over time and keep them in sync with the data models of your ASP.NET Core applications.

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Intro to Tauri: The Electron alternative

Build cross-platform native applications using virtually any web framework and a Rust back end. Here's a look at Tauri under the hood.

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Visual Studio Code 1.76 shines on usability, pytest

February 2023 release of Microsoft’s code editor enhances usability for profiles and remote development, improves IntelliSense for pytest in the Pylance extension.

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Splunk adds new security and observability features

New security and observability features will be added to Splunk Mission Control and its Observability Cloud to identify threats and incidents more efficiently, the company said.

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SAP to add more governance capability for low-code tool Build

The new feature, which will enable IT teams to monitor the usage, performance and data access to applications developed on Build, is likely to be added soon, the company said.

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How to test your B2B startup idea

If you are furloughed and forlorn by layoffs now may be the perfect time to start your own B2B startup. Here is how you do it.


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How to convert Python to JavaScript (and back again)

Love Python? JavaScript, not so much? Here are seven tools that turn Python to JavaScript for use in web applications.

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Oracle: Java subscribers can renew under old terms

Existing Oracle Java SE licensees may continue with their per-processor or per-user plans, and do not have to move to the new per-employee subscription, Oracle says.

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JDK 20: The new features in Java 20

The latest upgrade of standard Java, now available in a production release, incubates or previews a number of new capabilities including virtual threads and structured concurrency.

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Observability will transform cloud security

Cloud security threats are increasing in both frequency and intensity. We need better visibility into potential threats and proactive approaches to addressing risk.

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How to babysit your AI

AI systems are not yet mature and capable enough to operate independently, but they can still work wonders with human help. We just need a few guardrails.