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Multicloud complexity is a major operational challenge

Multicloud is everywhere, but the complexity, risks, and costs are becoming big concerns. Your best bet is to plan carefully and fix problems before you migrate.

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What is WebAssembly? The next-generation web platform explained

WebAssembly is a binary instruction format and virtual machine that brings near-native performance to web browser applications, and allows developers to build high-speed web apps in the language of their choice.

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Eclipse unveils Java binaries marketplace

The Adoptium Marketplace will give developers access to standard Java binaries from Eclipse, Microsoft, IBM, Azul, and other providers, but not Oracle.


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Reactive JavaScript: The evolution of front-end architecture

Improving the client-side web experience means overcoming the challenges of ‘hydration,’ a fascinating engineering problem being tackled in many different ways. Let’s dive in.

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How to work with String.Create in C#

Take advantage of String.Create to create strings with no allocation overhead and improve the performance of your .NET 6 applications.

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TypeScript 4.7 crosses the finish line

The latest version of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript introduces support for ECMAScript modules in Node.js, adds coding enhancements.

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Broadcom targets enterprise infrastructure with $61B VMware acquisition

The chipmaker’s acquisition of VMware is the latest in a lengthy string of high-ticket deals, as Broadcom moves to focus on its software portfolio.

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Microsoft .NET MAUI framework arrives

Microsoft’s Multiplatform App UI framework for .NET allows developers to build desktop and mobile apps from a single C# and XAML codebase.

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Google gets serious about Gitops

The cloud vendor is putting its weight behind Gitops as a better way to manage and control configurations across fast-growing Kubernetes environments.

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CockroachDB’s 22.1 update aims to help prototype faster, scale on demand

The latest update from the distributed SQL database is expected to aid enterprise engineering teams to prototype faster, automate more operations, and maintain peak performance during massive transaction spikes across geographies with...


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Review: Redpanda gives Kafka a run for its money

The Kafka-compatible distributed event streaming platform excels in latency and performance and offers a glimpse into the future of streaming with inline WebAssembly transforms and more.


Informatica’s Data Management Cloud gets new data engineering, MLOps tools

Updates to Informatica's Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) are meant to maximize efficiency of an enterprise to handle complex challenges such as data integration, management and engineering.

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GitHub Copilot AI coding assistant due this summer

Microsoft also unveiled cloud-based Dev Box workspaces, Power Pages low-code web development, Azure Container Apps, and more at its annual Build developer conference.

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Introducing Microsoft’s Power Pages

Microsoft’s Power Platform low-code tools now build web apps and turn pictures into code.

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How API gateways complement ESBs

Customer-obsessed organizations should introduce API gateways alongside enterprise service buses to optimize service connectivity. Here’s how.