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How to measure developer productivity — and how not to

If you’re using software development productivity metrics to evaluate developer performance, then you’re doing it wrong. For best results, tie them to business outcomes.

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Dependency injection best practices for ASP.NET Core MVC 5

Learn how to use constructor injection, property injection, method injection, and the service locator pattern in ASP.NET Core MVC 5, along with their caveats.

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JDK 16: The new features in Java 16

Due in March, the next Java upgrade targets primitive classes, sealed classes, records classes, a vector API, and ports for Windows on ARM64 and Alpine Linux.


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Google Cloud named best performing cloud for 2021

Google Cloud edged AWS and Azure in Cockroach Labs’ 2021 report, which compares the big three cloud providers on performance and cost using online transaction processing benchmarks.

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The cloud is now mission-critical

A new study finds what most of us already knew, but we may not be acting accordingly. Essential infrastructure requires essential attention to detail.

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TypeScript 4.2 tunes tuple types

Now available in a beta release, TypeScript upgrade loosens restrictions on rest elements in tuple types and improves type alias preservation.

React - an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces

How to use React functional components

Gain a thorough understanding of React’s new component style and learn to use the hooks API to write simpler and more elegant React code.

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Prepare for the work-from-anywhere revolution

The enterprise infrastructure needed to support the 'new normal' will depend on IoT, digital twins, and immersive reality.

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Google’s Go language could add generics later this year

A proposal to add generic programming to Go using type parameters is the latest attempt to add a long-sought capability that would make the language easier to use.

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The most important new features in CockroachDB

CockroachDB 20.2 brings a Kubernetes operator, spatial data, a new storage engine, SQL enhancements, and much more, extending the range of workloads for which the database can be used.


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6 neat tricks for Visual Studio Code

From simple shortcuts to expert-level configuration changes, turn to these power tips to get the most out of Microsoft’s open source programming editor.

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Angular 12 looks to improve deployment integrations

Better error messages, distribution of Ivy libraries to NPM also on the drawing board for the web development framework.

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Working with Azure Image Builder

Dynamically generate and customize your Azure virtual machines.

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Containers require good architecture

They may seem simple, but containers require a whole new architecture skill set. Here’s what you need to know.

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Vno brings Vue to Deno

Third-party Deno module compiles and bundles Vue components in a Deno runtime, overcoming issues of unfamiliarity and incompatibiity.