Starburst Enterprise, Galaxy updated to support on-prem connectivity, storage

The company has also integrated Databricks’ Unity Catalog governance tool to provide an additional metastore alongside AWS Glue, Hive HMS, and the Galaxy Metastore.

Visualization of data in motion through a data center corridor of servers.

Data lake and analytics platform provider Starburst is adding new capabilities to its Enterprise and Galaxy offerings to support on-premises storage and connectivity for enterprises.

Starburst Galaxy — the company’s managed data lake analytics service that is available across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud — has been updated to support on-premises connectivity.

The on-premises connectivity will allow an enterprise to analyze its local datasets along with data that is residing in the cloud, the company said.

Starburst has also partnered with Databricks to integrate the latter’s Unity Catalog data governance tool with its Galaxy offering.

The integration of Unity Catalog is expected to provide an additional metastore alongside AWS Glue, Hive HMS, and the Galaxy Metastore so that enterprises have access to modern data sources without the need for migration or reconfiguration, the company said.

Starburst has also updated its Enterprise offering — a self-managed service that can run on-premises and on top of AWS, Azure, GCP, and Red Hat OpenShift.

The update to Starburst Enterprise includes Dell storage support for ECS, ObjectScale, and Red Hat Ceph.

The extended on-premises storage support will help enterprises expand their access to data within the enterprise, opening up the opportunity to explore new business insights, the company said.

Last year, Starburst updated Starburst Enterprise to give it new features that would allow enterprises to create data products from any source, using the data mesh distributed architecture approach to data management.

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