Generative AI most important technology ever, Oracle’s Ellison says

Generative AI fundamentally changes how apps will be built and run at Oracle, the company’s CTO and co-founder said.

Oracle headquarters

New applications at Oracle will be generated by AI, Oracle Chief Technology Officer and co-founder Larry Ellison said at his company’s technology conference on Tuesday.

Speaking at Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas, Ellison expressed high hopes for generative AI — artificial intelligence capable of creating new content — calling it a revolution and a breakthrough. “Generative AI. Is it the most-important technology ever? Probably,” Ellison told the packed crowd attending his presentation.

For developers, generative AI fundamentally changes how apps will be built and run at Oracle. “For example, we’re not going to be writing new applications anymore in Java. Not new ones.” While Java development will continue to be used, it will not be used for building new apps—code generation will do that. “If we’re starting a brand new project, we’re generating that code.”

Oracle is using Oracle APEX, its enterprise low-code and no-code application platform, to generate most new Oracle applications. The APEX application development methodology is faster, involves smaller teams, and offers more security, with no security bugs generated, and more reliability, generating stateless applications with automatic failover, Ellison said.

AI is going to make our lives better, Ellison stressed, citing examples such as an upcoming treatment for all variants of Covid. Ellison anticipates a worldwide race to build what comes next, to build better AI and deliver a better future. Oracle has been using AI for many years but generative AI is different, he said. “Generative AI is a revolution. It is a breakthrough. It’s transformational.”

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