Mendix aims to add generative AI to its low-code platform by year-end

The company has been trying out GPT-based features for its low-code platform, planning to add capabilities to streamline app development and offer guidance on best practices.

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Mendix has been working on adding generative AI features to its low-code platform for months now and expects to release them to enterprises by the end of the year, according to a company executive.

“We are working on adding generative AI to our platform and hope that we have something by the end of the year,” said Amir Piltan, senior product manager of AI at Mendix.

The company, according to Piltan, had access to GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) technology in beta, even before it was released to the public by OpenAI and it has been running experiments with the technology to see how best it can be incorporated to its low-code platform.

In addition, the company is also in the process of experimenting with open source-based large language models, Piltan said, adding that these models are more customizable in nature.

The new generative AI-powered features that Mendix is focused on include application generation and developer guidance, Piltan said.

Ultimately, the company wants to allow business users — so-called "citzen developers" — to create a complete, polished application via the natural language processing ability of generative AI. However,  the first instance of the capability will only be able to generate the first version of the application, which will have to be refined with the help of the existing drag and drop features of the low-code platform, Piltan said.

Explaining the developer guidance features, Piltan said that the generative AI inside Mendix’s platform will prompt best practices for developers and help create documentation.

Enterprise customers are “hungry” for these new features as they continue to face a shortage of developers, Pilltan said. The public sector, hospitality and insurance sectors would be the largest adopters, he said.

More generally, generative AI will turbocharge no-code application development by lowering barriers to using low-code and no-code development platforms, industry insiders say.

Meanwhile, Mendix is expecting to release a new version of its platform, dubbed Mendix 10, in June. However, Piltan did not clarify if any of the new generative AI-powered features will be showcased during the release of the new version.

Starting with Mendix 10, the company plans to release a new major version once every two years.

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