Cosmonic WebAssembly PaaS connects with Kubernetes

Cosmonic has launched an open beta of its platform as a service for WebAssembly developers and added Kubernetes integration to the platform.

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Cosmonic, a WebAssembly PaaS (platform as a service), has reached its open beta stage. With the launch, Cosmonic now features Cosmonic Connect, a set of connectors that simplify integrating third-party technologies, such as Kubernetes, with WebAssembly.

Built on the Cosmonic-maintained wasmCloud project, the Cosmonic PaaS is intended to enable developers to scale WebAssembly, or Wasm, applications across diverse devices, CPUs, and clouds. wasmCloud provides a Wasm runtime that allows developers to run applications everywhere from servers to iOS mobile devices to web browsers. Users can sign up for the Cosmonic open beta at by clicking Launch. Cosmonic was previously available in a developer preview, launched last October.

Also launched today was the first Cosmonic Connect integration. The Cosmonic Connect Kubernetes connector joins a Kubernetes cluster to Cosmonic, allowing traffic to be sent back and forth. In explaining the Kubernetes integration, Cosmonic said that Kubernetes has limitations at the edge, where it often is associated with resource underutilization and excessive costs. wasmCloud offers an extensible, low-boilerplate, highly portable development methodology that resolves these issues, Cosmonic said.

Cosmonic also introduced Wadm (wasmCloud Application Deployment Manager), which provides declarative application management for wasmCloud apps. Currently in an alpha state, Wadm purports to lower entry barriers to Wasm by providing developers with a familiar way to manage cloud-native applications. Based on the Open Application Model for defining cloud-native apps, Wadm brings the familiarity of Kubernetes to Wasm through an agnostic interface, Cosmonic said. This will assist Kubernetes operators used to being able to declare an application as a single file that can be launched anywhere.


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