Yellowbrick Leads Performance with the Most Built-in Accelerators

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Intel® recently announced their 4th generation Xeon® processor, codenamed “Sapphire Rapids” — a powerful and diverse compute engine with more built-in accelerators than any other CPU in the market. Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with built-in accelerators boost performance and efficiency without the need for additional CPU cores or dedicated hardware.

As a gold status partner in Intel’s Disruptor Program since mid-last year, Yellowbrick had early access to Intel’s platform. This partnership provides Yellowbrick with early access to Intel hardware and software so we can optimize performance and accelerate our time-to-market. This enables us to optimize our cloud data warehouse, deliver a high-performant cloud data warehouse on the latest Intel platform, and empower organizations to accelerate the time-to-insight and support thousands of users across petabyte-scale datasets.

Yellowbrick Direct Data Path only gets better with Sapphire Rapids

Yellowbrick delivers everything you expect from a modern, elastic, cloud, SQL-based data warehouse. It combines the SaaS cloud simplicity with the performance accelerated by Intel® Xeon® processors perfected through the years of delivering the highest ROI to customers on-prem.

Powered by our Direct Data Path technology, the Yellowbrick cloud data warehouse can support thousands of concurrent users and queries across petabyte-scale datasets with fast query responses. Direct Data Path technology is optimized to leverage the Intel hardware acceleration capabilities, such as Direct IO and DPDK, to accelerate the data loading from external cloud object storage and process data-intensive queries faster. With Sapphire Rapids, we are further accelerating the performance of our data warehouse product, such as leveraging the In-memory Analytics Accelerator (IAA).

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What does this mean for our customers?

Built-in acceleration boosts performance across workloads. As Sapphire Rapids becomes available on AWS, GCP, and Azure, customers can get an instant performance boost with no code changes. Choose the Gen 4 Xeon® compute instance and deploy Yellowbrick for accelerated insights.

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