The next frontier in cloud computing

Supercloud? Metacloud? The race is on to name the emerging layer of abstraction and automation that will remove the complexity of multicloud.

People are attempting to name the newest cloud concept

A few years ago, I pointed out that multicloud is really not about the public clouds it’s built on. What I did not do is attempt to name it in an effort to claim myself as the creator of a new buzzword.

Not that I won’t pat myself on the back in all my narcissistic glory. Indeed, I’ve created buzzwords that turned out to be billion-dollar industries. However, I also know that when you give something a name it allows others to define it, which brings its usefulness way down. You end up defining a concept before it’s had a chance to evolve with use. Certainly, architecture patterns, such as the one that’s emerging above multiclouds, are something you don’t want to limit just yet.

Cloud watchers are seeing the emergence of a technology layer that sits above the collection of public clouds; this is really what multicloud is becoming. This layer of application development, operations, observability, security, governance, and other things exists above the public cloud providers that are bundled together to make a “multicloud.”

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