TigerGraph Cloud adds IAM capabilities

Graph database as a service streamlines access management for enterprises and eases developer collaboration with a single login across multiple projects.

TigerGraph Cloud adds IAM capabilities
Blake Meyer (CC0)

TigerGraph Cloud, TigerGraph’s managed graph database as a service, has added enterprise identity and access management (IAM) capabilities and introduced a simpler login process to ease developer collaboration across projects.

The company also announced the addition of new regions for TigerGraph Cloud on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, extending its global cloud coverage to Brazil, Singapore, and Australia.

The new IAM and integrated login features, unveiled June 29, enable teams to share a “seamless link experience via a single login,” TigerGraph said. Specific new capabilities include:

  • Enterprise identity and access management, enabling a single enterprise account to manage multiple users and role-based access with a holistic view of all solutions and billing under one portal.
  • Single login, to improve developer collaboration and productivity via a simplified login process to enable collaborating across multiple projects.
  • Secure enterprise connectivity, meeting standards for enterprise data security for cloud database connectivity with dedicated, private, secure connectivity.

Access to TigerCloud can be found on the company’s website.

TigerGraph offers a machine learning and artificial intelligence graph analytics platform. The company said TigerGraph Cloud users can choose from more than 20 starter kits covering real-world industry use cases such as fraud detection, supply chain analysis, and cybersecurity. The kits are pre-built with sample graph data schema, dataset, and queries focused on specific use cases.

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