Aerospike Database adds native JSON document support

Aerospike Database 6 release also introduces massively parallel secondary indexes, which promise the same speed and efficiency as primary indexes.

Aerospike Database adds native JSON document support
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Aerospike Database has been outfitted with native support for JSON document models in the latest, version 6 release. The update also adds massively parallel secondary indexes.

Aerospike Database is the NoSQL database underlying the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform. Aerospike Database 6, unveiled April 27, both introduces support for JSON document data models, and promises to deliver sub-millisecond performance at gigabyte-to-petabyte scale. The JSON and JSONPath query support enable storage, searching, querying, and management of richer and more varied data.

The Aerospike Database 6 release also enhances support for Java programming models, including JSONPath query support to store, search, and manage complex data set and workloads. The database’s support for large-scale data models positions the Aerospike to add time series, graph, and more data models in the future, the company said.

Aerospike Database was purpose-built to handle real-time data at scale, with uses in areas such as telecommunications and financial services, including fraud analysis and understanding risk positions. Massively parallel secondary indexes in Aerospike Database 6 support partition and pagination queries, and give secondary index queries the same speed and efficiency as primary indexes.

Also in Aerospike Database 6, an enhanced batch API allows heavy read/writes and mixed workloads to reduce round-trip time and network traffic while improving parallelism. Federal security compliance is supported through FIPS 140-2. And SQL support is available via Spark and Presto/Trino plug-and-play connectors from Aerospike Connect.

Interested parties can get started with Aerospike via the company website.

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