Pulumi launches Business Critical edition for enterprise customers

The infrastructure as code provider is adding new enterprise features as it looks to meet the needs of larger organizations.

Pulumi launches Business Critical edition for enterprise customers
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Infrastructure as code specialist Pulumi has tweaked its enterprise pricing tiers by launching a new premium Business Critical version, as it looks to support larger organizations as they modernize their infrastructure provisioning practices.

The Business Critical version of Pulumi focuses on advanced security and compliance controls, 24/7 support, help with training and onboarding, the option for on-premises self-hosting, and AWS Marketplace availability as ways to attract more cautious enterprise customers.

“Security is clearly a focal point for executives during their cloud transformations, and we are committed to integrating infrastructure and compliance as code to solve the hardest problems they face,” Pulumi founder Joe Duffy said in a statement.

These features come on top of the core open source Pulumi infrastructure as code SDK, which allows developers to provision and maintain infrastructure using their programming language of choice, rather than wrestling with domain-specific languages like Bicep, or managing Kubernetes environments using YAML.

Now, for paying enterprise customers, there is the option to layer advanced policy, identity, and security controls on top.

Pulumi Business Critical features include:

  • Policy guardrails: Server-side enforcement of organization-wide policies, including compliance and security best practices, network access restrictions, and cost controls.
  • Federated identity and group management: Organizations can bring their own SAML 2.0 and single sign-on (SSO) to manage enterprise-wide identity and role-based access controls.
  • Auditing: Pulumi will record all activity, with the ability to export logs for integration with other security and compliance tools.
  • Self-hosting: Enterprises that require specific data controls can now self-host Pulumi in their own private cloud or data center, complete with network isolation, identity, and data ownership controls.

Customers wanting organizational policies, server-side enforcement, self-hosting, automated audit log exports, System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), and private Slack access will now need to be on the Business Critical plan.

Pulumi is doing away with its bronze, silver, and gold tiers for enterprise customers in favor of a single plan, where business hours, five-days-a-week support will come as standard. Business Critical is effectively replacing the premium gold enterprise option, sitting alongside the individual, team, and enterprise options, and comes with a minimum spend of $50,000, while enterprise plans start at $25,000.


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