IPython REPL update advances code formatting

The new version of the tool also emphasizes error traceback and auto-suggestions.

IPython REPL update advances code formatting

Version 8 of the IPython REPL (read-eval-print-loop) has arrived, with enhancements for code formatting, auto-suggestions, and tracebacks.

Unveiled January 12, IPython 8, which is under the Project Jupyter umbrella, has been in the making for three years, since the 7.0 release. One key feature is auto-reformatting with black in the CLI. If black is installed in the same environment as IPython, terminal IPython will now by default reformat the code in the CLI when possible.

Version 8 also correctly formats the error traceback capability, showing the cell number in which the error happened. Previously, tracebacks for errors happening in code cells showed a hash, the one used for completing the Python AST (abstract syntax tree). IPython 8 allows users to accept auto-suggestions with Ctrl-E, Ctrl-F, or Right Arrow. This is available in the fish and zsh shells and prompt-toolkit.

Instructions for installing IPython can be found at IPython.org. The release also removes almost all features, functions, and modules marked as deprecated between IPython Versions 1.0 and 5.0, according to documentation. The goal of IPython is to provide a comprehensive environment for interactive and exploratory computing. A Python REPL, it powers the Jupyter Kernel via ipykernel and is positioned to provide tab completions, better tracebacks, multiline editing, and features on top of pure Python scripts.

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