TypeScript 4.5 arrives with Promise improvements

Latest GA release of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript introduces new Awaited utility type to model Promise recursions, defers ECMAScript module support for Node.js to a future release.

TypeScript 4.5 arrives with Promise improvements
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TypeScript 4.5, the latest upgrade to Microsoft’s strongly typed language based on JavaScript, is now generally available.

The release features a new utility type, the Awaited type, for modeling operations such as await in async functions or the .then() method on Promise objects. However, another capability originally planned for TypeScript 4.5, support for ECMAScript modules in Node.js 12, has been deferred to a later version of TypeScript.

Node.js, which can work with TypeScript, has been working to support ECMAScript modules (ESM), which enable packaging of JavaScript code for reuse. This work has been difficult because Node.js was built on a different module system, CommonJS, Microsoft said. But ESM was largely implemented in Node.js 12.

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