JetBrains’ Go language IDE prepares for generics

Upcoming version of GoLand to accommodate highly anticipated language feature.

JetBrains’ Go language IDE prepares for generics
Paweł Czerwiński (CC0)

GoLand, JetBrains’ cross-platform IDE for Go programmers, is set to add accommodations for the generics capabilities eyed for the Google-developed language.

A roadmap published for GoLand 2021.3 on August 12 cites the planned addition of code inspections, refactorings, and intention actions for working with generics under the sub-heading of “Go 1.18.” A language feature that boosts code sharing and makes it easier to build programs, generics has been cited for possible inclusion in Go 1.18 beta releases by the end of this year.

Also in support of Go 1.18, JetBrains plans a new workspace mode for GoLand, making it possible to implement changes across multiple modules from a single place. Other capabilities on the GoLand 2021.3 roadmap include:

  • The ability to use the Go SDK under WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), with developers able to open a project and work as if the project was located on Windows without any specific configuration.
  • Integration of linters inside the IDE.
  • For debugging, developers can hide object types when not needed, to minimize CPU consumption.
  • For code editing, the IDE will inject SQL in every string that starts with a select, delete, insert, update, or create command.
  • Support for the asdf command-line tool for managing multiple language runtime versions.
  • More testing templates.

JetBrains on July 28 unveiled GoLand 2021.2, accessible from and available for a 30-day free trial. GoLand 2021.2 offers capabilities such as support for Go 1.17, a new option for formatting, and additions to the version control system.

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