What’s new in Angular 13

Version 13 of the popular TypeScript-based web framework is now available as a production release.

What’s new in Angular 13
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Angular 13, the latest upgrade to Google’s popular TypeScript-based web framework that promises to be “100 percent Ivy,” is now available as a production release.

Ivy is the Angular next-generation compilation and rendering engine, which Angular has been supporting in recent releases while maintaining support for the predecessor View Engine. Support for the Ivy library is being completed in Angular 13, and support for View Engine is being removed. Performance updates also are being highlighted in Angular 13, impacting areas such as Adobe Fonts and the ESBuild JavaScript bundler, with ESBuild now supporting CSS sourcemaps, enabling optimized global CSS.

Code for the production release can be found on GitHub. Developers can run ng update in their projects to get Angular 13. Changes cited in Angular 13 release notes, and in a bulletin announcing the production release, include the following:

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