Developers love Rust and Svelte, dread AngularJS, Stack Overflow survey says

2021 survey by the developer Q&A site also found that developers earn more for Clojure, DynamoDB, AWS, and Ruby on Rails.

Developers love Rust and Svelte, dread AngularJS, Stack Overflow survey says
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For coders younger than 18 years of age, online resources like videos and blogs are more important for learning the craft than books and school combined, according to the Stack Overflow 2021 Developer Survey. 

Nearly 60% of survey respondents learned coding from online resources. Despite the clear preference for learning online, nearly 54 percent also cited school as a learning resource.

The survey also found that the number of software developers is growing by leaps and bounds. A full 50% of respondents said they had been programming for 10 years or less, and more than 50% said they had written their first line of code between the ages of 11 and 17. The vast majority of respondents—92% of professional developers and 91% overall—identify as a man.

Stack Overflow’s survey was conducted from late-May to mid-June, with 83,439 developers participating. Results were released in a report on August 2. Other highlights of the report:

  • For the ninth year in a row, web development staple JavaScript was the most commonly used programming language. Rust again was the most-loved language, for the sixth consecutive year.
  • React surpassed jQuery as the most-commonly used web framework. The most-loved web framework was Svelte. AngularJS—the original, not to be confused with the new Angular—was the most-dreaded.
  • Top-paying technologies include Clojure, F#, Elixir, Erlang, and Perl.
  • 81 percent of professional developers are employed full-time, a decrease from 83 percent in 2020. Forty-eight percent of professional developers are 25 to 34 years old.
  • Amazon Web Services remains the most widely used cloud platform, and also the most-loved, though Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure made substantial gains from last year. The most-dreaded cloud is IBM Cloud.

The survey drew responses from developers in 181 countries around the world. The United States and India provided the highest volume of survey responses, followed by Germany and UKI (United Kingdom and Ireland). The top 10 countries accounted for almost 60 percent of responses. US states with the most responses included California, New York, Washington, and Texas.

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