Visual Studio Code adds Workplace Trust for code editing safety

The latest version of Microsoft’s editor also focuses on debugging capabilities.

Visual Studio Code adds Workplace Trust for code editing safety
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The latest version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code editor, Version 1.57, is now available, with code execution security a key capability.

Published June 10 and also known as the May 2021 release of the source code editor, Visual Studio Code 1.57 can be downloaded from for Windows, Linux, and Mac. A Workplace Trust capability in the upgrade is intended to provide for safe browsing and editing of code, regardless of the source or original authors. Workplace Trust lets developers decide whether project folders should allow or restrict automatic code execution. With Workplace Trust, an extra layer of security is provided when working with unfamiliar code when a workspace is open in Restricted Mode. This mode tries to prevent automatic code execution by disabling or limiting the operation of several VS Code features, including tasks, debugging, workspace settings, and extensions.

VS Code 1.57 also includes capabilities ranging from browser debugging to assistance in getting started. Specific capabilities include:

  • Microsoft Edge Developer Tools for Edge browser debugging are integrated directly into the editor. These tools integrate with the JavaScript debugger to provide a DOM, style, and network inspector for browser debugging, accessible via an “inspect” icon in the debug toolbar.
  • The JavaScript debugger now supports renamed identifiers in source maps, which is particularly useful for debugging minified code.
  • JSDoc @link tags now are supported in JavaScript and TypeScript comments, enabling the creation of clickable links to a symbol in a document.
  • The editor ships with TypeScript 4.3.2.
  • The “go to definition” capability for non-JavaScript/TypeScript files lets developers quickly jump to images and stylesheets.
  • A new Getting Started experience assists with setup and learning about the editor.
  • Most of the Notebook API has been finalized.
  • The Remote Repositories extension, downloadable from Visual Studio Marketplace, now enables developers to see remote repositories in the Remote Explorer to open or compare any uncommitted changes. These changes can be moved from one branch to another.
  • Terminal tabs, now enabled by default, can be dragged and dropped to allow for rearranging. Tab colors can be changed for quick navigation and differentiation between tabs.

Visual Studio Code 1.57 follows the May release of Visual Studio Code 1.56. The popular editor leverages the GitHub Electron framework for writing cross-platform applications via web technologies.

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