Microsoft forms Rust language team

The company seeks software engineers to work on improving Rust compilers and tools for internal product groups, and to interact with the broader Rust community.

Microsoft forms Rust language team
cortixxx (CC0)

Microsoft is building a team to support Rust language usage and to collaborate with the community of software developers that has gathered around the open source programming language.

While Microsoft’s Rust team would support Rust usage within Microsoft, the company does plan to pursue opportunities to participate in the Rust community, working closely on the compiler, core tools, documentation, and other aspects of the language, Microsoft said in a statement.

The Mozilla-sponsored Rust language offers benefits in security and trust, enabling development of secure, high-performance software systems, Microsoft said. The company has posted a job advertisement for software engineers to work with the Microsoft Developer Division on improving Rust compilers and tools for internal product groups on Windows and Linux.

Microsoft has taken a great interest in Rust, including exploring the use of Rust for building new components and rewriting legacy ones. With its Win32 Metadata project the company aims to make Windows APIs more accessible to Rust and other languages.

Designed for runtime speed, memory safety, and parallelism, Rust has been used in projects such as the Servo browser engine and the Deno JavaScript/TypeScript runtime. It is currently ranked 16th in the Pypl Index of programming language popularity.

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