JFrog devops users freed from Docker Hub image-pull limits

JFrog partnership with Docker gives JFrog Devops Platform users unlimited access to Docker Hub and Docker Official images.

JFrog has partnered with Docker to exempt cloud-based JFrog Devops Platform users from Docker Hub image-pull rate limits.

The first milestone of the arrangement gives developers using the JFrog Artifactory software package management system with unlimited access to Docker Hub and Docker Official images.

Last year, Docker established consumption limits on container images pulled from the Docker Hub. Anonymous free users were limited to 100 pulls per six hours while authenticated free users could make 200 pulls per six hours. The new agreement ensures that JFrog Devops Platform users, including those on the free subscription offered on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, will not face Docker Hub image-pull limits.

JFrog users often mirror container images hosted on Docker Hub, which is a library for trusted container images and more than eight million repos. The arrangement gives developers secure access for public and private container images. Specific aspects of the partnership include:

  • Access to Docker Hub content including Docker Official images and content from Docker Verified Publishers.
  • Provision of a developer experience for building and deploying cloud-native applications.
  • Enterprise-grade reliability and performance for organizations modernizing applications with containers.
  • A basis for future collaboration between the two companies.

Developers can access a free JFrog subscription on the company’s website.

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