Download InfoWorld’s ultimate R data.table cheat sheet

Get your own copy of our searchable cheat sheet of R data.table and tidyverse code for dozens of data tasks. Free for registered Insiders!

Download InfoWorld’s ultimate R data.table cheat sheet

If you saw our Ultimate R data.table Cheat Sheet, you might want a copy of your own. And in fact you can download an HTML file with the full interactive table — complete with tasks, task category, data.table code, and Tidyverse alternatives, all searchable.

This download is free for all registered Insiders — and Insider membership is also free.

We ask that once you download it, you don’t share the file; please share the link to the article instead. As a data afficionado, you can probably understand that the number of registrations for this download is one way I can convince my editor and my boss that site visitors are highly engaged with R content, and so I should write more of it :-)

Once you download the file and unzip it, you should be able to open the HTML file with any modern browser. This version has additional explanatory notes for some rows. Any row with a clickable triangle includes some explanation or resources.

Download your own copy of InfoWorld's table of R data.table code, searchable by task. Includes tidyverse alternatives. Sharon Machlis

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