BizOps Manifesto urges business-tech alignment

Coalition sets down 14 guiding principles to ensure that digital transformation projects meet business objectives

BizOps Manifesto urges business-tech alignment
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A coalition of technologists and executives known as the BizOps Coalition is looking to bridge the gap between technology investments and business outcomes, via a effort called the BizOps Manifesto, presented as a framework to address the issue.

The manifesto, published on the BizOps Coalition website October 13, outlines 14 guiding principles to help organizations achieve business outcomes via a framework that celebrates trust, confidence, and collaboration.

Some of the principles of the BizOps Manifesto include:

  • Business outcomes are the ultimate measure of digital transformation initiatives.
  • Business leaders need to make informed technology investment decisions that drive business growth, improve customer experience, increase employee engagement, and maximize profitability.
  • Requirements should change frequently, based on changing market, customer, and business requirements. Changes are welcome even after software is in production.
  • The way to build trust and respect is through transparency, communication, meaningful measurement, and shared objectives.

The manifesto also covers notions such as augmenting decisions with AI/ML and building in quality at every step of the value stream. Developing tools to integrate data across silos is also a goal of the initiative. Analytics capabilities are sought, also. Some organizations involved already have developed tools in this space.

The coalition, which includes officials from companies such as Tasktop, Broadcom,, and Business Agility Institute, cited research that found a disconnect between IT and business units that results in significant costs. Too many digital transformation projects do not meet objectives but new projects are started daily without a clear roadmap for success, the coalition argued.

The group aims to provide thought leadership, education, and best practices for software development and operations. More participants are welcome to join by signing up at the project website. Anyone can sign up. In particular, the coalition seeks more software tools vendors including those in the DevSecOps space.

The BizOps Manifesto harks back to the days of the Agile Manifesto, forged in early-2001 as an effort to establish the principles of agile software development. Similar to how agile programming changed software development processes, the BizOps Coalition view BizOps as a culture shift.

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