The 2020 Enterprise Architecture Awards

The 2020 Forrester and InfoWorld EA Awards contest winners focus on business architecture, digital transformation, and governance

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CSL Behring

InfoWorld Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards IDG

CSL Behring is a biotech firm headquartered in Pennsylvania. The EA function at CSL Behring has rapidly evolved over the last 18 months. When the firm embarked on its digital transformation journey, the company’s EA team reinvented the architecture function through the following four pillars:

  1. A transformed EA function that emphasized the interaction with internal customer areas. A new head of EA was appointed and the lean EA team was restructured to have a dedicated architect for each of four key areas (research and development, manufacturing, commercial, and global support functions). This allowed the team to build trust with the business partners and stakeholders, document business capabilities, facilitate design thinking sessions, capture customer journey maps, and translate the desired business outcomes into technology strategies. The assets created by the EA team have accelerated decision-making for the business by at least 2x, while identifying opportunities for technology consolidation.
  2. Adoption of modern technology platforms and application architecture. CSL Behring EA played a key role in understanding modern technology platforms, analyzing the applicability of these technologies to business needs and defined standards and playbooks for implementation. In the last 12 months, the EA team also launched centers of excellence (CoE) in collaboration with cross-functional execution teams for robotics process automation (RPA) and the enterprise integration platform. The RPA CoE was launched in mid-2019 and has realized a projected annual savings of 20,000+ hours per year (~10 FTEs) over 12 months. The EA team also introduced the MuleSoft enterprise integration platform to CSL Behring. EA also proposed a split company architecture between CSL Behring and sister company Seqirus, leading to joint savings of the order of $1M+ to date. CSL Behring EA proposed a comprehensive multicloud and hybrid cloud computing strategy and selected appropriate cloud vendor partners, to enable rapid innovation for business needs, that also promises ~20% operational savings by transitioning out of the on-premises data center.
  3. An enhanced governance framework. The transformed EA team operationalized a strategic governance framework and established an enterprise technology council. The governance mechanism has reviewed and approved 25+ enterprise-wide technology strategies, which have led to an estimated rationalization of ~$50M to date.
  4. Talent up-skilling of solution architects and deployment teams. The EA team provided technology training and day-to-day support to cross-functional deployment teams and solution architects. CSL Behring EA organized numerous vendor workshops for cross-functional architects and launched the Vendor Technology Strategic Forum, where vendors such as Microsoft, AT&T, AWS, SAP, Cisco, and MuleSoft share their product and solution roadmaps with the Architecture Community of Practice. The EA team also helped organize a design thinking workshop at the Microsoft Technology Center, for all of EA and the operational excellence and enterprise applications teams to deliver better UX/CX throughout their solutions.

In addition, the EA team led the IT pandemic task force, and ensured remote working for all employees and business continuity for all IT areas. The team defined three work streams and identified 24 enterprise risks across the work streams, which were then mitigated by the cross-functional task force. Thanks to the cross-functional efforts, there were no major disruptions to any of CSL Behring’s IT services.

Tobias Verbist, Chief of Enterprise Architecture and Innovation for Digipolis in the City of Antwerp, said, “This is an excellent example of value added EA, by defining and executing a clear EA 2.0 strategy.” Kevin Tracy, Manager, Architecture Management Office and CoE at Ford Motor Company, added, “Nice that CSL Behring is thinking about the future by continuing to invest in their talent.”

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