Algorithmia unveils MLops for teams

Algorithmia Teams delivers machine learning operations and management for small groups as a pay-as-you-go cloud service

Algorithmia unveils MLops for teams
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Machine learning tools vendor Algorithmia has unveiled a version of its machine learning operations and management platform for small groups within organizations, called Algorithmia Teams.

The cloud-hosted offering, for quickly delivering machine learning models into production, is intended to provide the performance of an enterprise-grade MLOps platform with the cost flexibility of a cloud-based service. A pay-as-you-go consumption model is leveraged to limit short-term financial exposure while enabling users to scale use of the platform as needed. Introduced August 25, Teams is intended to address a situation in which some companies have been constrained by the tools needed to manage AI/ML efforts as well as costs.

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There are Basic and Professional versions of Teams, with both offering secure workspaces for collaboration and connectors to external cloud data sources such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The Professional edition includes support, a dedicated Slack channel, and the option to purchase a custom language pack or data connector development. The Professional version costs $299 per month plus pay-as-you-go CPU/GPU consumption. The Basic version is pay-as-you-go CPU/GPU consumption with no monthly fee.

Algorithmia, which was launched in 2014, maintains the infrastructure for Teams. You can sign up for Algorithmia Teams at the Algorithmia website.

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