Netlify’s Jamstack platform extends to self-hosted GitHub, GitLab repos

Company now supports publishing Jamstack websites from self-hosted as well as GitHub and GitLab hosted repos, adds new per-seat service plan

Netlify’s Jamstack platform extends to self-hosted GitHub, GitLab instances

Netlify, which developed the Jamstack website application philosophy, is now supporting self-hosted instances of GitHub and GitLab as part of the company’s website deployment platform built around Jamstack.

Netlify enables web projects to be published from Git repos to Netlify’s global network. Previously, Netlify supported only the SaaS-based instances of GitHub and GitLab repos hosted on the GitHub and GitLab public clouds. Publishing from GitHub or GitLab repos deployed on the user’s own premises can give enterprises assurances about security or control, with their source code maintained onsite. 

Netlify provides a UI-based workflow for connecting its service to self-hosted repos. Self-hosted instances are supported on both the Enterprise plan and the newly unveiled Business plan, which offers security and compliance features on a per-seat basis, at $99 per user, per month. The Enterprise plan, which is tailored for each customer, has all the features of the Business plan plus high-performance Build and Edge network products, custom contract invoicing, architecture validation, and a designated account manager.

Jamstack is a web application model that draws from devops and CI/CD techniques. It shifts load-time code execution away from web servers and toward in-browser JavaScript external services, which are accessed through APIs.

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