Progress launches serverless rules engine for JavaScript apps

Derived from the company’s BRMS technology, Corticon.js allows rules to be deployed as serverless functions or embedded in web and mobile apps

Progress launches serverless rules engine for JavaScript apps
Alex Ishchenko / Getty

Progress has released a serverless rules engine for building, testing, and deploying rules for JavaScript applications, called Corticon.js. With Corticon.js, rules can be deployed as serverless functions or to mobile or IoT applications, eliminating the need for server-side processing.  

Introduced July 15, Corticon.js was derived from Progress’s Corticon business rules management system. Capabilities include:

  • Enabling business analysts and policy experts to author business logic without coding.
  • Offering a structured approach to documentation of business logic for knowledge retention and regulatory review.
  • Deployment of decision services as either web services or directly embedded in applications.
  • Support for lightweight, serverless architectures. 
  • Removal of dependencies on data and code from other systems.

Corticon.js is positioned for ease of use, with spreadsheet-style modeling tools and an intuitive interface to manage rules sans coding. By aligning with cloud-based infrastructure to enable serverless rules execution, Corticon.js promises to reduce costs by eliminating overhead of managing physical servers, virtualized machines, or containers.

Corticon.js can be deployed in industries such as financial services, healthcare, and insurance. Progress is offering a trial of Corticon.js at the company website.

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